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High Pressure Processing


Is a revolutionary  natural method that uses pressure and purified cold water to inactivate food-borne pathogens like Listeria Spp. Salmonella, E.coli among others. No preservatives or chemicals.  

  • Extended Shelf Life (Up to 3x)

  • Natural Process

  • No Preservatives, No additives needed

  • Natural food

  • More nutrients

  • Cleaner label

  • Does not Impact on nutritional content

How much is 87,000 psi?

Imagine 17 elephants standing on a strawberry! Or 5x greater than the pressure in the deepest part of the ocean! Or 60Km under the sea!

What we do?

Using HPP technology we assure that all of our products are completely safe and natural. We put our guacamole at 87,000 psi (600mPa), making sure to inactivate all food-borne pathogens.  

Extended life

HPP impacts on the product spoilage organisms, such as molds, fungi, bacteria. By inactivating  (interrup their cellular function ) these MOS fails to recover and die off, extending by 2x or 3x  Shelf Life of the product.


What is tolling?

It is the provision of a service, in which using a high technology equipment that sterilizes the product by subjecting it to high pressure, prolongs its shelf life.


can I test samples of my package product? 

Yes, tests can be performed, with which we verify the benefits of HPP to your products. We will also make recommendations for the products to go through the HPP process without any inconvenience and to have a guaranteed quality and safety.


how much does  tolling cost?

The cost varies depending on the amount of pounds sent and the number of units that fit per process which depends on the malleability and design of the packaged product.

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